Ode to Friendship.

I made few friends as I grew up. Still don’t have many friends and I have no reason to doubt that things will change in future. But still I do believe that it’s among the most magical things that exist along with mother nature and, of course, my own mother.

I believe if one is lucky enough to find a true friend, one can go from this world satisfied as s\he might’ve done something beautiful, worthwhile during their life and experienced magic unfolding in front of eyes. Yes, magic, indeed. How people who don’t knew each when they met, in some time, became so close that together, they can even go head on with the darkest of difficulties, climb highest of mountain, defeat the odds and what not. I guess it’s something about having a person look at you and saying “I got your back, bro.”

Some people are there who struggle to make friends and It’s okay. Nobody said that you can’t be your best friend.

I think I’ll write on this topic later in some other post. I’ll finish this post with this poem.

It was no accident, It was meant to be
That i found you, Like a pearl in the sea.
You are like a blessing showed over me.

Though connected by invisible wires,
our connection was real.
I pick you up sometimes, while you
support me sometime, That was our
friendship's seal.

Talking with you make me happy, Give me wings
I wanna be with her always, My heart sings.

I promise i'll be there be it sun, rain or storm,
Just give me a hug that is warm.

I showed you my demons, You showed me your scars
We embraced each other as we are.

With no expectation, you held my hand
I am willing to go with you till the end.

Thank you my friend, For all you have given,
You are my best friend without any doubt and reason.



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